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Chiropractic Continuing Education

Make Chiropractic Continuing Education Count

Part 3: Make Chiropractic Continuing Education Count

Too many DC’s look for the easiest, cheapest avenue to fulfill our CE requirements. In addition, there are many online portals who are offering cheaper and cheaper courses, with content that mirrors the cost…cheap. As a profession, we have created a culture where we have ignored our credentials for almost a century and have relied purely on results. This has been a winning formula to some degree, but our meager utilization over the last decade has verified that what we doing is not working.

Nationally there are hundreds of DC’s that are using their knowledge base and resultant credentials to create a revolving door of new patients that are seeking their care purely on what they have demonstrated on their curriculum vitae (CV). What the average chiropractic doesn’t understand is they can spend the exact same time and often the same money to acquire credentials so meaningful that it will positively impact their practices through increased referrals.

What we need to do is determine what type of practice we want and then find the “best of the best” in post-doctoral education to help build our knowledge base and resultant credentials. Then go to a FREE portal, US Chiropractic Directory  and use the CV builder to create a professional “admissible” CV. Having an admissible CV is the first vital building block to further your practice and career with the understanding that you must have strategy on how to use it.

Without the vital building blocks you are planning to fail over the long run and the solutions are both easy, free and only require a little of your time.

action step to further chiropractic.

Dr. Mark Studin Academy of Chiropractic Continuing Education

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