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Part 39: Are Chiropractors ONLY Back Pain Doctors?

Part 39: Are Chiropractors ONLY Back Pain Doctors?

The short answer to this question is both a firm yes and a firm no. Chiropractic is many things to many people and in the true sense by definition it is what all 50 state boards of chiropractic allow in our scope. As a result chiropractors can practice under that umbrella at any level they choose. Some will choose to be back pain doctors while others will choose to integrate nutrition, wellness, personal injury, sports injury, pediatrics, etc. From a personal perspective my belief system is that the core of every chiropractic practice should include adjusting the patient. It doesn’t make me right, it is simply my opinion.

Research is starting to answer so many questions that previously could only be handled philosophically. We now understand to a much greater degree the chiropractic adjustment – brain connection with pain modulation and multiple disparate areas being positively influenced in the reduction of pain. We also are starting to see scientific evidence between the chiropractic adjustment, chronic pain and the potential influence on Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and dementia patients. All of this research is also starting to give us insight as to scientific validation for disease care as well as pain care through chiropractic care. We are not there yet, but we are “light-years closer” than we’ve ever been in the past because science has given us so much in the past few years.

For those of you that practice in the pain paradigm I 100% support your choice in practice, however please don’t have blinders on to other potential health benefits of chiropractic care. For those of you that practice in the wellness paradigm I 100% support your choice in practice, however please don’t have blinders on to other areas of chiropractic care because we need everyone in our profession. In addition, to those of you practice in the wellness paradigm I am much more critical because I lived there for decades. Do not tell me that you do not treat pain because that is simply a lie. We all treat pain and after the pain is gone you are free to educate your patient on wellness care, nutrition or anything else within your lawful scope.

Unfortunately chiropractic has become more polarized as the years progress and we often forget that we are one profession under one umbrella.

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