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Mandate our Professors/Educators to Publish Chiropractic Research

Part 2: Mandate our Professors/Educators to Publish

In almost every profession, professors are mandated to publish. They are often provided with sabbatical leaves to have the time to research and write and should they not get published, they lose their jobs. As a result of economic restraints in chiropractic colleges nationally, many schools are scrambling to stay profitable and cannot afford to offer sabbatical leaves to their professors to get published. However, this has been the culture in chiropractic and with rare exceptions, most of our professional schools do little to nothing to further the profession through critically needed research that is inherently the responsibility of professional academia.

Academia has a responsibility to ask the tough questions that practitioners do not have the time for and must find some of those answers in a scholarly environment.  It is the responsibility of our professional schools to find ways to promote chiropractic research and ensure we keep evolving as a profession. Although sabbatical leave is not a reality due to economic restraints in most of our colleges, we should mandate that in order to maintain their jobs, professors get published. Even if every professor was mandated to get published only once, this would amount to hundreds and possibly thousands of new ides in the journals verifying and promoting chiropractic.

We must, as a profession change the culture of our academic institutions through a revenue neutral action step to further chiropractic.

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