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Chiropractor Personal Injury Program

Part 40: Why Do Lawyers Only Want MD Specialists, Not Chiropractors?

Because they have been duped by the car insurance carriers to get them to believe it will render better settlements and verdicts. That is the short answer… The long answer is that they have been duped by the car insurance carriers to get them to believe it will render better settlements and verdicts. Sound familiar.

The reality is that the insurance carrier’s settlement algorithms have been designed around medical specialists and a lawyer working with the average chiropractor will hurt the lawyer regarding settlements and verdicts. However, the trauma trained and credentialed chiropractor functioning as the primary spine care provider, working with their team of medical specialists can almost guarantee much higher settlements and better verdicts based upon both the credentials of the chiropractor and resultant higher level of documentation.

Too many lawyers still hold onto old paradigms in strictly want medical specialists not realizing that simple action is the cause of the perpetual downward spiral of their lowball offers. It has been verified in almost every state in the country that a trauma trained chiropractic physician will render higher numbers to the legal community based upon your clinical excellence. I can only verify this to doctors of which I have trained, however having an opportunity to directly educate lawyers in 30 states gives me the immediate feedback verifying that my statements are accurate.

It is therefore incumbent on the chiropractor to ensure their knowledge base and credentials should they desire to work with medical legal community and be an asset versus a liability to the lawyer. In addition once that chiropractor has been that level of credential it now gives you an opportunity to market that higher level of credential to the legal community.

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