Solutions for the Chiropractic Profession:
Part 32: Medical Doctors (Primary Care & Specialists) Realize That Chiropractic is the Only Referral Choice for Spine

eval-spine-chiropractorThe research has been written and understood and now the medical community is starting to shift their referral patterns away from physical therapists for spine care. Research has clearly indicated that a chiropractic spinal adjustment affects the central nervous system and will create modulation of pain at both the root level and the brain. This connection is not established the physical therapy mobilization and the research clearly concludes that chiropractic is a highly effective primary option for spine care.

The researchers also concluded that pain is not the arbiter for wellness and that biomechanical insufficiencies must be considered. In addition chiropractic has also been found to have zero side effects in a healthy population, therefore a conclusive diagnosis must be determined prior to instituting care. The doctor of chiropractic is a highly trained diagnostician and has the ability to render safe effective care in an outpatient setting regardless of the cause the pain. Much confusion is created with physical therapists who have minimal to no training in diagnosis, nor the ability refer out for various tests included imaging to determine an accurate diagnosis. This then mandates the medical community to perform all of the diagnostic testing and prevents them from focusing on the patient’s they can help rather than having to refer back and forth on a repetitive basis to conclude an accurate diagnosis as they must with physical therapy.

The research has also concluded that a chiropractic spinal adjustment not only affects the area being treated but multiple areas of the spine and extremities due to the neurological connections. It is becoming increasingly clearer as to why the doctor of chiropractic must be the first choice in spine care.

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