Solutions for the Chiropractic Profession:
Part 30: The “Credentialed” Chiropractor is the key to Your Accident Case


Too many people think every chiropractor is the same and that couldn’t be further from the truth. That is like saying every medical doctors regardless of their specialty training where a psychiatrist, neurosurgeons or gastroenterologists all do the same thing and have the same credentials. In trauma care this holds true with chiropractic and the litmus test is the doctor’s curriculum vitae or CV. Many chiropractors have chosen to further their career with post-doctoral education and have focused on trauma care.

A trauma care chiropractor typically will have post – doctoral credentials in MRI spine interpretation, spinal biomechanical engineering, neurology and triaging the injured. These credentials are critical as often at the doctoral level the doctor of chiropractic is given just the basics in the sub-specialties. To determine if the doctor of chiropractic is right for you either ask for their curriculum vitae or go to and search for the doctors curriculum vitae. This is a free service for the public and often will be the difference between a successful versus a poor outcome.

As always should not be able to find the doctors curriculum vitae online you should call them and ask them to send you a copy.

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