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Part 38: Internet Marketing a Chiropractic Practice

Part 38: Internet Marketing a Chiropractic Practice

Marketing, marketing, marketing. Everybody wants to market their practice and although we have already established that marketing is a failed paradigm, the only place marketing is effective is through the Internet. Also understand that everybody wants to get personal injury cases through Internet marketing and although not impossible it is challenging and those who utilize that form of media should not do so with unrealistic expectations. Internet marketing historically renders general “family type practice” patients with the occasional personal injury or sports injury patient. Until the search engines and social media platforms change their algorithms this will continue to hold true with the understanding that there are no current significant changes planned to support different results.

Most Internet marketing companies are struggling as in any business to increase their profit margin and keep the costs low. As a result the goal is to create a duplicate campaigns where the work is done once and reused dozens if not hundreds of times, which most companies for pennies can purchase an automated program to accomplish that task. It is not uncommon for a chiropractic social media company to have one dedicated person to create a “post” and then hit a button every Monday so the same post gets entered on 1000+ client’s social media sites instantly. This is problematic and unless your post is customized it will not perform as you expect and historically renders terrible statistics.

My personal business has grown 17X (1700%) with the use of the “proper” social media campaign, where previously I spent 10X (1000%) more with a company that lead me down the “proverbial garden path of riches.” I have also spent 50% less than I am currently and got ZERO in return. By retaining the “right” company is a very tricky proposition as you have to give this industry time to perform and while you are waiting, those who have used the “right” company have bypassed you and are re-directing your potential new patient referrals to their offices.

I strongly urge you to only work with the best in the industry and one such company, Academy of Chiropractic Social Media can be found by please clicking here.

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