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Solutions for the Chiropractic Profession – Chiropractic Unity

Solutions for the Chiropractic Profession

Part 1: Chiropractic Unity

The single biggest problem in the chiropractic profession is the chiropractic profession. We are at best a splintered voice with too many agendas that prevent us from moving forward. If we use the physical therapy profession the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) is one national umbrella with multiple chapters. As a result physical therapists are gaining unprecedented growth in market share by legislative permissions of direct access. Conversely the chiropractic profession has two national organizations that have disparate goals and regardless of legislative coalitions as a profession based upon the published statistics we are contracting in utilization. Simply it doesn’t work and hasn’t for far too long.

There are still approximately 13 states that have multiple organizations complete with infighting and varied legislative agendas perpetuating the stagnation and further decline of our utilization. Beyond the personal agendas of ego, power and money to be realized from maintaining the status quo for the few in power, the best place to start based upon looking at other states who have consolidated and other professions who have done the same is to work towards 1 national organization with 50 chapters (1 for each state).

The reasons for multiple organizations are not relevant. Our republic has one umbrella organization, it called the United States of America, not multiple governing bodies and although we bicker and often disagree…we work. It is in that disagreement that we create a balance of power and move forward responsibly.

It is past time to move the conversation to attaining 1 unified chiropractic organization and for those who fight the process, it is time to create a level of transparency to verify how that position is only befitting the few, at the expense of everyone else. We cannot afford to let the process languish any further.

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